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Acadia All American Road History and Beauty From Tradewinds Travel Club

• September 21, 2010 • Comments (0)

Created by the U.S. Department of Transportation, America’s Scenic Byways offer protection, recognition and preservation of selected roads throughout the U.S. Scenic Byways are found in all of our 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, leaving plenty of options for taking a scenic tour on your next vacation. Tradewinds Travel Club would like to explore one of the most popular Scenic Byways for a fall tour. Take a trip to Maine and explore the Acadia All American Road with Tradewinds Travel Club.

Whether just out for the day or spending the weekend, the Acadia All American Road offers some of the most stunning U.S. scenery as well as a rich historical importance and plenty to do along the way. Though not very long in comparison to many other Scenic Byways throughout the U.S., this tour is packed full of great places to stop and explore as you drive through mountains, Acadia National Park, dozens of small Northeastern towns and along the Eastern Coast.

For the history buff, the Acadia All American Road leads travelers through thousands of years of history on it’s span. Beginning with the Wabanaki Indians who lived on Mount Desert Island, to French explorers entering the region and a Rockefeller legacy, history is bountiful throughout the region. Historical tourists can explore Mount Desert Island by stopping off for a boat tour. More great history can be found at Bay Harbor’s Abbe Museum or Acadia National Park. Spanning millennia, historical tourism of the area presents an interesting way in which vacationers can spend a weekend enjoying the 40 mile drive in one of America’s richest regions.

The ecotourist is also well advised to take this trip, especially in the off season. The area is covered in dense forests and a variety of ecosystems offering a peak into some of the most unique and amazing wildlife in America. Hiking, biking and backpacking off the Acadia All American Road offers numerous activities for ecotourism. In fall, birders by the thousands flock to the region in search of the migration routes taken by an amazing number of birds. From puffins and razorbills to the black-beaked woodpecker, the areas varied ecosystems are perfect for viewing. The most popular destinations for viewing in the area include Thomas Bay Area and Hulls Cove, both just off the byway and offering the perfect view, most especially in fall.

Acadia offers countless ways to explore and enjoy this region of the U.S. Tradewinds Travel Club invites you to spend some time getting to know the area and all that it has to offer you. A great way to get to know more about our nation’s history as well as the amazing features of the East Coast, driving America’s Byways are a great way to spend less and still make the most of your vacations with Tradewinds Travel Club.

• Begin at the Ellsworth
• Take Route 3 heading south and stay east at the fork in the road
• Follow Route 3 as it heads east and eventually turns north to Acadia National Park. Route 3 becomes Eden Street at the Park
• Continue to Bar Harbor.
• Take West St. east and turn right onto Main Street and follow that out of town
• Take a left (east) onto Park Loop Road and follow the coastline down to Otter Cove, skirting the coast before heading north through the middle of the National Park
• Head right just before Eagle Lake Road to rejoin route 3 again or head north to Eagle Lake Road to return to Bar Harbor to complete the loop

Length : 40 miles

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